Do you like basketball and indoor decoration?

This is good because impossible Design imagine a decorative basketball backboard that will not ruin your interior decoration!
You will be able to practice arm rolls, mini dunks and swish shots, and why not, to refine your free throwing shot with class inside your living room!

From the image of your choice iD! Make a wood particle board with a laminated photo.

The image is integrated by us with a similar frame, a black or white border as for a real basketball board to which we add a trompe l'oeil effect and without any relief that mimics a picture board .
For a complete artistic effect, the inner frame can be completely hidden or woven to be more discreet.

Black and white Basketball backboard designLamination of photography for basketball board with black edge bevel

The technique of rolling is to stick a real photo print on a plate of medium (MDF) and to apply on the surface a highly resistant and washable UV protection film.
The 1cm thick basketball board is very rigid when fixed to the wall and the beveling of the corners on the perimeter makes it possible to protect the support of the aggressions of the balloon as long as possible.

Specifications for the decorative basketball backboard

Standard or custom sizes, with a chamfer of 3 to 4 mm, each decorative basketball board is made to order and is an original gift for an NBA or Euroleague champion or for any basketball enthusiast or sportsman passionate about basketball .
The panel can be delivered alone, pre-holed or not, or with a standard or custom colored wire basket and a standard or metal net.

For any information and custom quote request, please contact us.
Allow at least a delay of 3 to 4 weeks for a product delivered according to the chosen options.

Photographs courtesy of Thierry Allard photograph