In the city, more and more people are walking with their eyes glued to their cell phones.
Even if some have developed a 7th sense, thanks to a mutant gene, which makes them immune to certain collisions, many move recklessly on the public highway, relying simply on the ability of other humans to avoid them…
And if they're also wearing Apple headphones, their lives may be hanging by an invisible Bluetooth thread.

iD! has tackled this problem and come up with a new intelligent connected object designed to save lives.

A connected pompom for brains disconnected from their environment

Our detachable "Ai PomPom" connected pom-pom can be attached almost anywhere on your body, although it is recommended to place it at the top of the skull.
It is programmed to constantly analyze your immediate environment to anticipate the risk of collision.
By calculating the trajectory and speed of movement of your body and surrounding objects, our intelligent pom-pom will warn you just in time to avoid any accident.

Femme traversant en regardant son smartphone devant un vélo cylciste

In the event of an imminent risk of collision, your AI PomPom will trigger an audible alarm accompanied by a notification on your cell phone. So you can stay immersed in your smartphone while walking in safety.

State-of-the-art and low-energy, this magic ball can even recharge itself in part by moving your head.

In the street, the connected pom-pom protects you from all human hazards and from all moving or non-moving objects that you could collide with: cars, buses, scooters, scaffolding, poles, falling flowerpots*, etc.

*Subject to the speed of the flowerpot and your reaction time.

Flower pot crushed in front of a passer-by in the street

Worn indoors, the Ai PomPom protects you mainly from furniture corners and door frames, and can be very useful for plumbers who often work in confined spaces.

If you're equipped with a noise-canceling headset, its built-in microphone lets you communicate with the outside world: all the other person has to do is pinch your pompom twice, and they'll be able to communicate with you.

Technical specifications of the connected pompom

Bluetooth pairing of a connected pompom

Made from polycarbonate plastic recycled from cell phone shells (recovered from crushed dead people to give meaning to our intelligent object), our connected pompom is equipped with an ultra-low power Bluetooth 6 version, and above all, to hang everywhere, an improved 2.0 version of Velcro developed with the help of human intelligence and a new in-depth study of Burdock.

Incorporating a mini-speaker, microphone, lidar, motion and presence sensors, our smart pom-pom is capable of analyzing your environment and warning of most dangers.

With Ai PomPom, you don't have to worry about a thing!


Coupled with our smartphone app, notifications are sent as soon as there's a risk of collision.
The app incorporates Mistal AI artificial intelligence, so it can respond to virtually any request directly in your earphones or via the speaker.
Thanks to the "Hey PomPom" voice command, you can replace your connected watch or bracelet, or even your "Ai Pin".
More practical than the latter, since Ai PomPom needs no clips, it is above all more elegant on a suit buttonhole.

Man walking down the street with his pom-pom connected

Our pom-poms can be attached to a wide range of surfaces: directly in the hair, or more traditionally on a cap or hat, or on anything metal or slightly furry.

At home, its integrated magnet allows you to attach it to your fridge, or, if you don't want to forget it, to your front door handle.
The pom-pom is machine-washable: the inner capsule containing its components is completely watertight, so you don't have to remove it (it acts as a washing ball).

Finally, although the pom-pom can be recharged (like a Swiss pendulum watch) if you move your head regularly, it can also be recharged by induction.

A range available in 6 colors

Range of 6 colors of small pompons

Our first collection comes in 6 colors and 2 pompom sizes:
a discreet "golf ball" size and a "tennis ball" size for those who want to show off a little more.

Connected objects for the cities of the future

Connected pom-pom to protect a passer-by from accidents caused by delivery personnel

Compared with Apple Vision, the mixed reality headset that lets you see what's going on around you, while swiping frantically on Tik Tok or Tinder, our connected Ai PomPom will also let you, for much less money, wander the streets safely while consulting your social networks on your mobile, with the guarantee of looking just a little less stupid.

Directions for use

The Ai PomPom should be worn at the top of the head to guarantee the best protection and 360° coverage around you.

With two Ai PomPom, each placed on a shoulder, you'll cover the same area, plus enjoy stereo sound for listening to music.
A wide range of configurations are possible, since you can synchronize up to 4 Ai PomPom at the same time!

Advice on non-use

Hooded man with connected pom-pom hat
Large-format connected pompom on a technology-savvy protester.

While the Ai PomPom can be a great help to the visually impaired, it cannot function properly when placed in a pocket or bag.

Its built-in magnet should not encourage you to attach it to your car or bicycle frame, as it is not designed to operate above 15/20 km per hour (9/13 mph).

Unless you attach a second pom-pom connected to your shoe or the bottom of your pants, a single Ai PomPom placed on your upper body can't warn you of all ground hazards such as holes, small studs or long dog leashes.

In the event of battery failure, you'll be automatically alerted and can only rely on connected firefighters with red cars for your safety.


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The Ai PomPom, the smart, wearable connected object that puts all others to shame.

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When designing this product, we also solicited ChatGPT to see if the AI had any great ideas to add to our connected object. Unfortunately, none of the suggestions were coherent or fun, except perhaps a massage function that we didn't go for: the pom-pom could be fitted with small beads to provide a gentle massaging sensation during use.