In the future, it would be preferable that the objects of our daily life use a little more natural components and less plastic than today.
It would also be ideal if they could be manufactured close to home in order to make them carbon neutral.

Based on this observation, and as nature often inspires designers, impossible Design! has imagined the wireless headset of the future, the result of extensive research on the apple.

The most natural sounding headset on the market

Yellow apple headset with height adjustable headband

The new apple headphones, created from a natural resource, are designed to respect the planet and best fit the music production of its time.

The headphones are covered with a real breathable skin and incorporate several thousand innovative water-based acoustic cells: by their composition, they guarantee a vitaminized natural sound.

Adapted to future music

We have to face the fact that all our favorite musicians are going to leave this world and it is certain that they will be replaced in the long run by music creating robots, much more profitable for the audio streaming platforms.

Listen to Deep Shimon, one of the first robot musicians in the world.

The majority of the current musical soup broadcast on the radio or via platforms such as Youtube, Spotify or Apple Music will be replaced by a "sound compote" much more in line with the quality of reproduction of this new headset.

An assumed programmed obsolescence

The exclusive choice of Bluetooth for all wireless headsets and earpieces that are manufactured today contributes to the programmed obsolescence of these connected objects, since this technology will inevitably disappear in the years to come.

If the new apple headset also has a fairly short lifespan, its headphones have the advantage of being individually replaceable and at a lower cost in autumn, and this is good timing since it is just before the holiday season which is very conducive to technological renewals.

Girl with a red apple headset
A red apple headset with Whiteteeth wireless technology

With this new concept of apple headphones, we will be able to replace the Bluetooth technology, possibly carcinogenic, with the new Whiteteeth standard, which is much wiser and better for our health.

FAQ (Frequently Apple Questions):

What are the qualities of the apple headset ?

  • Better reduction of the noise caused by the music
  • Planet-friendly manufacturing and carbon neutrality
  • Innovative bio-based design
  • Vitaminized natural battery with zinc, copper and manganese
  • Pulpy bass
  • Individually replaceable earphones
  • Reusable earbuds
  • Replaces obsolete Bluetooth technology with new Whiteteeth technology
  • Acoustic glitch analysis and removal
  • Biodegradable and recyclable
  • Moisturizes the ears

What are the defects of the apple headset?

  • Programmed obsolescence (especially in hot weather)
  • Unsuitable for jogging and sports in general
  • Sound decay after a few hours of listening
  • Hoops without cushions giving headache
  • Contact of the apple flesh not very pleasant
  • A bit wet for the ears
The band PULP: apple music from the 90s.

How to build your apple headset ?

  • Pick up a few colorful apples at an organic store.
  • Select the one that is the most homogeneous and adapted to the size of your ears.
  • Cut it into two equal half-spheres.
  • For a good comfort, dig in the flesh a shape corresponding to your ear (for protruding ears, use one apple per ear).
  • Twist two forks into a hoop shape using the head of someone you don't like.
  • Tie the two forks together by their tops as you can.
  • Lightly poke the forks into the apple halves.
  • Adjust the apple headset on your head by pushing the tines in more or less on each side of the hoop.

Some problems?

  • If you can't hear any sound in your Apple headset, your smartphone doesn't have the new Whiteteeth technology, in which case go to a concert instead.
  • If the sound is sputtering, change the forks so that they have the reception quality necessary for the proper functioning of the headset.
  • To hear the sea, replace the apples with coconuts.

Photomontages Zebureau Studio Photo pour iD!
Crédits photos : KamranAydinov, Racool_studio