Graphic designer, Webdesigner, photographer.

In 1999 I decided to open up my own business,
A Kom Z, a multimedia creation studio specialized in the creation of websites in Lyon, France.
In 2015, I created "Zebureau", a photo studio in Lyon as well as a coworking space and an exhibition showroomm for rental.
In 2018, my passion for architecture led me to develop a new activity of architecture photographer in Lyon.

In 2019, I lead these three activities head on and I always swarm a lot of ideas around the design that I want to share and which it seems acquired that I will make a new job.

By dint of making navigation interfaces and using touch screen applications, I am passionate about design and man / machine interfaces.

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Attention: I deposit at the INPI some ideas or concepts described in this site.
Industrialists, startups or contractors, please contact me if you are interested in a collaboration.